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Spec-One Exterior Paint

SPEC-ONE 8000 Exterior Lo-Lustre (8301-8304) SPEC-ONE 8000 Exterior Lo-Lustre provides tenacious adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is mildew and blister resistant, exhibits excellent durability and superb color retention. It is an excellent choice for painting pre-finished siding. TDS:    SPEC-ONE 8000 Exterior Hi-Lustre (8600-8604); Including Stock Color:  Coastal White SPEC-ONE 8000 Exterior Hi-Lustre […]

Rhino-Cryl Supreme

RHINO-CRYL Supreme Exterior Satin Acrylic Latex (66300 to 66304) RHINO-CRYL Supreme Exterior Satin Acrylic Latex: This exterior paint is specifically formulated to meet the performance requirements of the residential and commercial markets. The 100% acrylic formula provides excellent durability, mildew resistance on the paint film, low temperature application and adhesion. It can be used on […]

Exterior Paint Line-Up

Click for Specific Information on Each Product:                       Rhino-Cryl Supreme                                                          Spec-One Exterior                       Ultra Spec Exterior               Regal Select High Build Exterior             Aura Exterior                             

Krud Kutter Cleaners & Rust Remedies

We carry several specialty cleaning products from Krud Kutter, a Rustoleum brand.  Whether you’re looking for an all around cleaner like Original Krud Kutter, a cleaner for the exterior of your home or products to get rid of rust, you’ll find them all on sale at Spectrum Paint!  Read more about each of these products […]


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