Employee Spotlight: Keith Perrenoud | Spectrum Paint

Employee Spotlight: Keith Perrenoud

We are a company that thrives and grows because of our employees. There are over 300 of them spread throughout 70 paint stores, three distribution centers and a corporate office. We thought it would be fun to have a monthly employee spotlight so that everyone could meet the people of Spectrum! This month we are featuring Keith Perrenoud, our Arkansas Regional Manager. Read our interview below!

Spectrum: How long have you been in the paint industry?
Keith: I started in the paint industry back in September of 1996. I worked for an independent dealer named AWC. They were acquired by PPG in April of 2006 and then Spectrum acquired the Northwest Arkansas PPG stores in April of 2008. I have been with Spectrum ever since.

S: What do you like about working in the paint industry?
K: I think the part I enjoy the most is that there is a slightly different challenge every day. It seems that no matter how hectic times get, it always works out.

S: What are your hobbies outside of work?
K: My hobbies include playing golf (once or twice a year), coaching/watching my kids participate in sporting activities, spending time with my wife and family, and last but not least, I enjoy listening to fans yell at me while officiating a basketball game or umpiring a baseball game. Yes, I know that sounds crazy. It always amazes me how fans think they know the rules of the game, but really have no idea.

S: Tell us about your immediate family.
K: My lovely wife Lori and I have been married since May of 1998; I have a 13 year old son named Carson, a 6 year old son named Madden and a 1 year old son named Rylan.

S: What is your favorite color?
K: Green

S: Tell us one of your best paint experiences.
K: Supplying materials to a customer who makes and sells wallpaper to their customers worldwide. It’s pretty neat to know our products are in stores like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co. and Chanel. This includes cities all over the world like Hong Kong, Paris and Japan.

Keith with his middle son, Madden:

keith spotligh

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