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Reminder: Winterize Your Equipment

Wichita, KSCold weather is here!  Winterize your equipment so you’re not stuck with a frozen rig.  Here are some simple tips:

  • Flush your spray equipment properly and store with paint thinner/mineral spirits.  Mineral Spirits will not freeze.  It also protects against corrosion and keeps the paint pump lubricated.  If a sprayer freezes with water or a water-based coating, it can damage the sprayer’s fluid section or pressure control components.
  • Don’t leave water in the fluid sections when the temperature is below 32 degrees (leaving water in during freezing temperatures can cause the fluid section to split and take out transducers).
  • Don’t forget to winterize pumps and pressure washers that are in storage.
  • When transporting your equipment, don’t leave it out overnight or in a vehicle with water or water-based coatings inside.
  • If the fluid section does freeze, allow it to thaw before trying to run the sprayer to avoid damage.
  • This article from Graco gives even more tips on cleaning spray equipment properly.

Need help?  Spectrum Paint has 3 repair centers to winterize them for you.  You can drop off equipment to be serviced at any Spectrum location in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Kansas and Nebraska.  

Certified Graco Repair Centers:

Tulsa, OK:  15247 E. Skelly Dr., 918-398-2188

Springdale, AR:  399 E. Robinson, 479-751-8701

Grandview, MO: 13820 S. HWY 71, 816-965-9335

Wichita, KS: 2310 E. Douglas, 316-267-3328


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