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Pelican Hand-Held Pail

The Wooster Pelican Hand-Held Pail is the perfect solution for hands-on painting!  Whether a professional painter or a do-it-yourselfer, you’ll be able to use this product over and over again on all types of painting projects (thanks to the liners that fit inside).


In between brushstrokes, the Pelican’s integrated magnet will neatly and securely hold a brush in place.  Because it’s molded inside the wall, the magnet won’t rust or trap paint.  The 1-quart capacity means painters can use the Pelican pail to fly through cutting-in and trim work without feeling weighed down.


A built-in roller grid makes the Pelican work seamlessly with all rollers 4.5 inches or smaller.  A ledge at the top of the grid catches excess paint and returns it back into the pail.  A notch under teh lip keeps the roller frame in place.


Challenging painting tasks are easier because the Pelican makes them more comfortable.  To fit different sized hands, the security strap automatically expands.  Designed to rest in one hand effortlessly, the Pelican has grip indents for left-or right-hand use.  Soft-feel elastomer adds more comfort.


  • Built-in 5 1⁄2” wide roll-off area; soft-feel elastomer adds comfort
  • Powerful, integrated magnet holds a brush; won’t rust or trap paint for easier cleaning
  • Security strap automatically expands to allow room for larger hands
  • Durable polypropylene resists solvents and paint buildup
  • 8 1⁄2” L x 7” W x 6 1⁄2” D
  • Rigid, form-fitting liners are great for quick color changes, disposable for instant cleanup
  • Liners made of clear, solvent-resistant PET, a recycled plastic

Check out this short video below to view the Pelican Hand-Held Pail and Liner system



Visit a Spectrum Location near you in order to find this handy product and other Wooster products.   Mention this blog post using the code, USABEATGERMANY, and get the liner 3-pack FREE (normally $3.99) with the purchase of 1 Wooster Pelican ($14.99)!  Limit 1 per customer.  Ends 7/3/15.

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