Wood Coating Types and Information

We provide Lacquers, Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers, Sealers, Conversion Varnishes, Urethanes, Water-based Coatings, Stains, and Sundries for the job from start to finish.  Our wood coatings are used for Kitchen & Bath Cabinets, Floors, Doors, Shutters, Trim, Furniture, as well as exterior finishes.

Looking for kitchen and bath solutions? We suggest Pre-Catalyzed Lacquers, Conversion Varnish, or Urethanes to meet the demands of those spaces. 

Knowing the species of wood you will be working with is the first step to successfully complete your project. This species guide provided by the American Hardwood Information Center is a valuable resource when first beginning your project. Along with a species guide, this glossary of terms can also be helpful with identifying common types of North American woods. 

We also offer valuable resources for staining and refinishing as well as sanding

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