How to Find the Best Painter

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When it comes time to find a professional painter to help you with your project, where do you start?  We asked a few of our favorite professionals and they helped us put together this list on how to find the best painter.


One of the obligations listed in the Painting Contractor Association's Code of Ethics is "to maintain regulatory, insurance and licensing requirements in the areas we conduct business."  Insurance protects both the painter and the property owner. 

2. Detailed Estimate

"The more detailed the estimate, the better," said Zach Shrum, owner of Davis Painting (@daviscustompainting) out of Tulsa, Oklahoma.  "A professional will list all steps of his/her process. I always look to see if they break materials apart from labor."

3.  Referrals/Reviews

"That's probably one of the top things to look for in a painter.  I've had quite a few clients that chose me based on reviews," said Blake Blunkall, owner of Surfaces Painting & Decorating ( out of Fredericksburg, Virginia.  "Interior decorators and design firms are another great source for finding a good painter.  Decorators are used to being in long term professional relationships with contractors and will only refer contractors that will do quality work that reflects well on them."

"When hiring a new painter, ask for referrals and to see his/her work," said Jennifer McMurray, Executive Broker, McMurray & Associates Realtors in Northwest Arkansas (you can also find her @bachelorettepadflip for all things house flippling, Realty, investing & so much more). "My painter is great because he keeps the space clean, he's on time, he's affordable, and he does great work."

4. Preparation & Process

McMurray says, "A good painter protects your floors, your ceilings, etc., so overspray doesn't ruin the space."

"Ask for details about your project from start to finish. What kind of prep work is included? What safeguards are in place to protect floors and furniture?  Will the jobsite be cleaned at the end of each day?  Can the contractor communicate the desired result to you for how things should look when the project is finished?" - Blunkall

"A professional painter knows all the tricks of the trade to ensure crisp corners and lines, which is especially important around crown molding and trim work," said Richard Averitte, General Manager at Express Yourself Paint in Raleigh, NC.

5. Appearance

"Take notice of your prospective contractor's appearance," said Blunkall. "Chances are, if they're clean and neat with a professional appearance, your paint job will look the same.  If they show up to do a quote sloppy and with paint all over them, it's likely that is how your paint job will look."

Shrum noted that trucks/vehicles with visible and professional decals and a company with a social media presence is something to look for as well.

6. Products Used

"A true professional should always include or specify premium materials, as that will best showcase your work," said Shrum.

Blunkall said:  "Ask your prospective painting contractor what products they will be using and ask them why they believe the particular product will be the right product for the job.  Painting Contractors that take pride in their work will always be using quality products.  If you have a contractor recommending a cheap paint found in a big box store, you're likely to get a cheap paint job."

7. Years in Business

Lastly, Shrum recommends researching how the length of time your painter has been in business or in the industry.  Longevity and stability are characteristics you want in a contractor.

Iceberg Illusion

We hope this helps in your search to find the best painter for you!  Our stores work with painters on a daily and weekly basis and would also love to help you.  

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