Painting Tips - How to Paint an Interior Room or Wall

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1. Identify the surface that you are painting

Is it drywall? Has it been painted before? Is it textured? Wood paneling? Note: Preparation before the actual painting is the most important step to making a paint job look professional

2. Make sure the surface is clean of dirt, dust and grime.

Trim and cabinets should be cleaned using Krud Kutter’s No-Rinse Prepaint Cleaner or similiar product. Get it here

3. Use painter's tape and paper to protect trim, cover your floor and remove switch plates.

Tape along the edge of your trim to protect it. Leave a very small crack between the paint and the trim (approximately the width of a dime's edge). Go along that with a small bead of caulk. Wipe away excess caulk with a wet rag. This will create the cleanest line for your wall, while keeping paint off of the trim. This is called back-caulking.  Check out our full article on this technique: How to Get Clean Paint Lines with Tape and Caulk

4. Does the surface need primer?

Always use primer if it is a surface that has never been coated, especially drywall. Also use primer if you are trying to cover a dark color with a lighter color, if stains are present (such as smoke stains and water spots) or if using a lower sheen paint to cover a wall with a higher sheen. Shop Primers

5. Cutting In - Now you are ready to paint!

Paint a small line (with a paint brush) along all the edges of one wall (probably about 6 inches in width). This is called cutting in a room. Use a roller cover and frame and roll on paint in a vertical direction. Be careful not to apply too much pressure. Some people make the mistake of trying to squeeze paint out of the roller cover. This can create roller marks. Always make your final pass in one direction (vertically).

6. Paint on your second coat when the first coat is dry to touch and uniform in color.

7.  Enjoy your new room!

Still have questions?  Visit to find a store near you and ask your local Spectrum professional.

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