StoCoat® Lotusan®

Posted on Jan 26, 2015 by Brookside Admin
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StoCoat® Lotusan® is a smooth, vertical, above grade exterior wall coating with Lotus-Effect® technology for concrete, stucco, masonry and EIFS. Lotus-Effect® technology mimics the self cleaning capabilities of the lotus leaf. Its microstructure has been modeled on the lotus plant to minimize the contact area for water and dirt. The surface additionally offers enhanced hydrophobic properties.  The problem with conventional exterior paints is that the soiling of the facade becomes increasingly visible over time. On weather exposed sides in particular, microorganisms find an ideal environment for colonization in the form of adequate moisture and nutrients from dirt deposits. With the Lotus-Effect® Technology on facades, water and dirt flow off immediately. The facade remains dry and attractive.  Check out more on StoCoat® Lotusan® in this video or view the full product brochure.

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