The Benjamin Moore Gennex Colorant Difference

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What is the Gennex Colorant Advantage?  Great Durability, Superior Hide, Zero VOC and Excellent Fade Resistance. In order to deliver these four qualities, Benjamin Moore strives to set themselves apart from the competition by using Gennex waterborne colorants in their paint. They manufacture them with their own proprietary resins. Usually, colorants weaken paint and make it thinner and harder to apply; however, the zero-VOC, Gennex colorants work to fortify the paint, helping it to maintain its original viscosity in every color. This leads to a more durable finish and aids in maintaining true scrubbability.

Using top-of-the-line Benjamin Moore Paints, containing Gennex colorant, ensures that your paint job will be an investment in (and on) your home that you can be proud of for years to come.   Below, we break down the advantages:


Gennex Colorants Deliver Consistent Durability in Any Color

Across the board, Gennex colorants deliver consistent durability no matter the color. The durability of paint tinted with conventional colorants drops off significantly as the color depth increases, but the durability of paint tinted with Gennex colorants remains consistent across all color depths.  Gennex colorants fortify the paint and make the cured film more durable.

Better Fade Resistance For Improved Color Retention

Gennex also offers better fade resistance for improved color retention in a comparison test against the national competitor. You can be confident that the cured film in the exterior line of paints will be able to withstand the toughest weather conditions. This means that even constant UV exposure will not be a problem for Gennex colorants.

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Superior Hide- So the Job is Complete in Less Time

By using Gennex colorants, you will get superior hide, so the job will be complete in less time. Gennex will not weaken a paint’s ability to hide, so you can cover stains and imperfections in fewer coats. You will be able to use less paint overall and finish the job more quickly than ever before, which saves valuable time and money.

Zero-VOC For Economic Responsibility

In order to maintain environmental responsibility, the Gennex colorants contain zero VOCs, this includes the darkest colors.  The Gennex line contains eco-friendly products that exceed the most particular environmental standards and appeal to environmentally conscientious clients. Even our zero-VOC paints maintain zero-VOC, while other zero-VOC paints may actually contain VOCs when tinted with UTC.

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