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AllPro Spray Paint

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Did you know that if you have 3 ounces of paint, Spectrum can turn that into a custom spray can? Now anyone can have custom spray paint made in seconds, in any color, to fit the project you have in mind.  The paint is easily injected into the can through the cap and the top of the can retains a color sample for easy identification. From this, any color, any gloss can be created from an assortment of colors on any fan deck that you may choose from (as long as you have or purchase 3 ounces of paint). These handy aerosol cans can be used to decorate, touch-up, maintain, beautify and repair. The following are the different choices available for your project: Water Blend 16-3393

  • Ideal for aerosolizing most water based and latex paints
  • Indoor moldings or trim
  • Quickly touch-up damaged areas
  • Many uses for interior design plans in the house

ALLPRO universal water blend - Copy  

Solvent Blend 16-3395

  • Aerosolizes most solvent based, enamels, lacquers, vinyl, acrylic, paints and stains
  • Automotive touch-up
  • Maintenance and industrial

ALLPRO universal solvent blend - Copy

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