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DataColor ColorReader PRO

DataColor's ColorReader PRO is a portable and incredibly accurate color matching solution for professionals to use in the field. It can be used to build trust with a client while ensuring accuracy. The ColorReader PRO also aids in cutting down the time to achieve an accurate match. 

Rob Reynolds, Spectrum Paint Regional Sales Manager, has utilized and found success with a client with DataColor's ColorReader PRO. Rob was contacted by a property management company with which he had worked with for over 20 years and shares his experience with using the DataColor ColorReader PRO. 

"I was asked by one of their property managers to give them a color schedule for the second phase of townhomes. After looking through my files and the store files, I quickly realized that we did not have and updated color schedule and they were looking to repaint over 100 units. I was able to go out to the property with the color reader and match all of the exterior paint. I did 30+ units per day over a three day period. I carried a backpack with all of the Ben Moore and PPG fan decks and as I read the colors, I would look up what the color reader selected and see if it was a good match. I was very impressed at how it read the colors with great accuracy. Because of the color reader, the process of matching up all those townhomes was easy.

Without the reader, I would literally hold up fan decks and find a close color by searching through the decks. I have done this over the years and when you are faced with 100 units, it is a daunting task to get all the siding, trim, shutters and doors matched. This is a very useful tool for any painter or property management company."

solution for accurate color matching

To learn more about the accurate color matching solution, DataColor ColorReader PRO, head to your nearest Spectrum Paint store.

Or you can Shop Online Here for in-store pick-up, curbside pick-up or delivery within 5 miles of your neighborhood Spectrum Paint location.

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