Putty Paint Cabinet Colors

Posted on Jun 30, 2023 by Gentry Stafford
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Grant Beige Cabinets


Thinking about redoing your cabinets in the near future? These putty cabinet colors are sure to be perfect! We picked out the top putty cabinet colors and put them all in one place for you! We have them ranging from light to dark, so that you can find your perfect color.  

Top Benjamin Moore Putty Paint Colors


Gray Mist 962 

LRV 72.83 

Gray Mist has a subtle greige undertone to broaden its versatility. This color helps to brighten a place without having natural lighting.  

Benjamin Moore Gray Mist Paint Color

Image from Benjamin Moore

Swiss Coffee OC-45 

LRV 81.91 

Swiss Coffee is an off-white color, perfect for those not wanting to use a bright white, such as Chantilly Lace or Decorators White.  

  Benjamin Moore Swiss Coffee Paint Color

Image from Home Bunch

Pale Oak OC-20 

LRV 68.64 

Pale Oak is a common putty cabinet color that is light enough to brighten a room, but not take all the attention.  

Benjamin Moore Pale Oak Paint ColorImage from Mix and Match Design 


Feather Down 953 

LRV 73.16 

Feather Down from Benjamin Moore is a light to medium putty color. This color works well with natural light and can help to brighten a kitchen or bathroom area.  

Benjamin Moore Feather Down Paint Color

Image from Wheatland Cabinets

Baby Fawn OC-15 

LRV 63.09 

Baby Fawn is a warmer neutral color that can add a welcoming presence to a space. 

  Benjamin Moore Baby Fawn Paint Color

Image from Studio McGee

Stone Hearth 984 

LRV 48.45 

For a medium to dark greige color, Stone Hearth is a perfect option. This helps to darken a room some, yet still get it light.  

Benjamin Moore Stone Hearth Paint Color

Image from Pinterest


Pashmina AF-100 

LRV 44.2 

Pashmina is a dark tan color that makes a kitchen more sophisticated and bolder. 

Benjamin Moore Pashmina Paint Color

Image from At Lane and High

Shiitake Mushroom CSP-1040 

LRV 33.99 

Shiitake Mushroom is a dark, yet cool putty color. It brings an earthy tone that works well with any environment.  

Benjamin Moore Shiitake Mushroom Paint Color

Image from Bryn Mawr Residence 

Kingsport Gray HC-86 

LRV 25.05 

Kingsport Gray is one of the darkest putty colors, this is a great color for a bathroom area with lighter countertops.  

Benjamin Moore Kingsport Gray Paint Color

Image from Kylie M, Interiors


Grant Beige HC-83 

LRV 55.81 

This is not a dark option, it’s not a light option, but it is a popular option. This color is a match for Sherwin Williams Shitake.  

  Putty Cabinet Color: Grant Beige

Image from Kylie M. Interiors 

Grant Beige is a medium putty color, that perfectly mixes a warm and cool balance to any room.  

Perfect Match: 

Not sure which colors to match with your putty color picks? Above, Studio McGee has matched BM Creamy White OC-7 with Midnight 2131-20 for a perfectly balanced kitchen.  

Creamy White OC-7: LRV 70.95 

Midnight 2131-20: LRV 6.2 

Putty Cabinet Color Ideas

Buy a sample HERE of your favorite or favorites seen above!

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