Benjamin Moore's Colonial Williamsburg Collection

Posted on Jul 03, 2023 by Gentry Stafford
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Benjamin Moore Apollo Blue CW-645

Benjamin Moore’s Williamsburg Collection highlights colors throughout our history. The CW collection, standing for Colonial Williamsburg, represents 144 colors depicting events that happened over time. Since it's almost America’s birthday, we thought we would highlight some of the top colors in this collection.

We also pulled colors that perfectly match the American flag!

Benjamin Moore 4th of July Inspired Colors

We used Heritage Red HC-18, Admiral Blue 2065-10, and Patriotic White 2135-70 to match our American flag!

Now, back to the Williamsburg Collection, the Colonial Williamsburg collection represents a collection of historic colors rooted in Colonial Williamsburg era. There are 144 colors that have been mixed to perfection to note tones of colors from historical events in Colonial Williamsburg. Here are some of the top colors from the Williamsburg collection!

Williamsburg Collection from Benjamin Moore

  • Capital White CW-10

Capital White is named for the color of the United States Capital and bring attention to the history attached with it. You can see Capital White further in this article in an image with Levingston Green.

  • Parish White CW-15

Benjamin Moore Parish White CW-15 and Charlton Brown CW-265

Photo from Veranda

This image shows Parish White CW-15 on the house and Charlton Brown CW-265.

This paint color was found at the Burton Parish Church by paint analysis, where it got its name.

  • Cornice Tan CW-115

Benjamin Moore Cornice Tan CW-115Image from Home Stratosphere

This yellowish tan is a previous paint color reimagined from paint analyst at Bracken Tenement, Cornice.

  • Custis Salmon CW-215

Benjamin Moore's Custsis Salmon CW-215

Photo from Chinoiserie Chic

This pink salmon color definitely adds a pop to ANY room! This color is good as an accent wall in an office, or even in a bedroom!

  • Charlton Brown CW-265

As seen in the picture depicting Parish White CW-15, Charlton Brown is a deep brown perfect for a library, study, or even a bookshelf.

  • Cornwallis Red CW-315

A bright red that is sure to attract all eyes to a room. (Seen below with Washington Blue CW-630)

  • Cochineal Red CW-330

Benjamin Moore's Cochineal Red CW-330

Photo from Interiors by Color

This red color became famous from taking the dye from Cochineal bugs. Natives of Mexico had used the bug to produce this vibrant red, by 1523, the red had traveled to Spain and become known as a sign of status.

  • Governor’s Gold CW-395

Benjamin Moore's Governor's Gold CW-395

Photo from Benjamin Moore

The bright yellow / gold can brighten any room and give a summery feeling to all who enter.

  • Levingston Green CW-490

Benjamin Moore's Levingston Green CW-490

Photo from Benjamin Moore

This photo shows Levingston Green CW-490 on the wall, Bruton White CW-710 for the wainscoting, and Capital White CW-10 on the trim.

  • Windsor Green CW-505

Benjamin Moore Windsor Green CW-505

Photo from The Shingled House

Windsor Green is a dark green that helps give any room an earthy and natural feel. 

  • Finley Blue CW-620

Benjamin Moore's Finley Blue CW-620

Photo from Blacksburg Belle

Finley Blue is a bold blue perfect for an accent wall or some kitchen cabinets. This blue is from the 18th century blue that can help bring out the blue in heirlooms in knickknacks.

  • Washington Blue CW-630

Benjamin Moore Washington Blue CW-630 and Cornelius Red CW-330

Photo from Interiors by Color

This photo shows Washington Blue CW-630 on the wall and Cornelius Red CW-330 on the dresser.

Both colors are great representation of American history with the vibrant red and bold blue. This navy blue goes perfectly on any wall and is sure to be an excellent accent wall, or even good for a whole room.

On another note, here are some more versions of the take on the American flag and the Williamsburg Colonial collection.

Benjamin Moore Williamsburg Collection and American Flag ColorsWe see in a July 2013, edition of Better Homes and Gardens, that they suggest Cochineal Red CS-330, Bruton White CW-710. Chesapeake Blue CS-595. These colors are not direct matches for the flag pictures above, but they are colors from historic events.

Want to try some of these patriotic colors or colors from the Colonial Williamsburg collection?

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