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  Once you have finished your painting project, proper cleanup is an essential next step. Not always a fun step, but important!  We especially get a lot of questions about disposal. Read on for some great tips! Start by preparing any extra paint for storage in the event of future touch-up projects and dispose of any waste paint that is no longer needed. Follow the instructions below to ensure that you are cleaning up your paint project properly. Proper Disposal:

  • Use paints until they are nearly empty, reserving a small amount for touch-up projects.
  • Make sure to save all alkyd products for hazardous waste collection.
  • In most states, latex paint can be disposed with your household trash once it has been dried out properly in a can.
  • Leave the can lid open to show sanitation workers that the paint has hardened. Tip: Use cat littler to speed up this process by either adding it to the can or if there is a lot of leftover paint simply spread the paint out on a piece of cardboard and sprinkle the cat litter on top of it.
  • Recycle any dry, empty containers in your local recycling program or you may consider donating it to local charities in need.

For Alkyd Paints: Brushes: In order to clean your brushes that have been used with alkyd paint, work solvent into the bristles squeezing out as much paint and solvent as possible. Repeat this process until the paint disappears from your brush. Rinse the brushes in a clear solvent, then in soapy water. After a complete rinsing, let the brushes completely dry. Once dry, wrap and store in heavy paper for future use, instead of buying new brushes each time you decide to paint.  

Rollers: Completely disassemble the roller and submerge the cover in solvent. When most of the paint has been worked out, wash the cover with mild detergent, and rinse in clean water. Hang to dry.


For Latex Paints: Brushes & Rollers: Follow the above instructions just like the alkyd paint but instead of using a solvent, use warm, soapy water to clean the brushes and rollers.  

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